FAQ : Admission Process

1) What is Resonance all about ?
Pre-Foundation Career Care Programme is a programme designed to provide an early edge beginning to the students. PCCP Course are based on Pre-Foundation approach, which makes students expert in the CBSE syllabus as well as provide correct guidance to the students for advanced competitive examinations and various national and international Olympiads.

2) What is the importance of competitive examinations in the career of a student ?
Importance of competitive examinations : -
(A) The competitive examinations viz. NTSE, SSTSE, IMO, IJSO, IESO, IOI, etc. evaluates the calibre of a student.
(B) These examinations helps in building scholarly aptitude among the students.
(C) These examinations strengthens the confidence in the students and develops the spirit of competition among them.
(D) It adds to the curriculum vitae of the students.

3) Is there any scholarship for classroom courses ?
Yes, there are various scholarship categories for meritorious students who enroll in classroom courses

4) What are the class timings in Resonance-PCCP Division ?
Premium Classroom : 8:00 am to 1:15 pm & Regular Classroom : 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Doubt Classes : 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Daily basis).

5) How is the student's performance evaluated ?
There are various types of tests for the assessment of performance of students:-
(i) Part Test / Cumulative Test (PT / CT)
(ii) Major Tests (MT) for Half yearly / Annual Exam
(iii) National Talent Benchmark Test (NTBT)

6) What is the frequency of Part Tests ? And when are Major Tests conducted ?
Part Tests / Assessment Tests are conducted in every third Sunday. Major Tests are conducted after the completion of whole syllabus (Half yearly & Annual Exams ).

7) How can parents gauge their ward's performance ? All the results are promptly displayed at our website - www.pccp.resonance.ac.in Detailed SAPER Sheet (Student's Academic Performance Evaluation Report) is sent by post to student's address thrice in an academic session.

8) How do you help students in preparing for competitive exams ?
Resonance-PCCP Division conducts Workshops, Mock Tests or All India Test Series to help students in preparing for competitive exams.

9) Are the students kept in the same batch for the whole session ?
No, all the students are shuffled among batches on their performance in Part Tests / Cumulative Tests.

10) What is VISHESH Batch ?
Those students who perform outstandingly in classroom programme are provided in-depth knowledge of NTSE , IJSO , various competitive Olympiads foundation through VISHESH Batch.

11) What is the medium of instructions while teaching ?

12) Is there any provision of Parents & Teachers Meeting ? If Yes when is it conducted ?
Yes. It is conducted thrice in a seesion.

13) What is the schedule & structure of Classroom Course ?
Premium Classroom Programme:
(i) Classes will be held daily (6 days a week).
(ii) 5 Lectures every day (Each of 50 minutes).
(iii) Assessment Test on Alternate Sunday.
(iv) Regular conduction of Doubt Classes.

Regular Classroom Programme:
(i) Classes will be held 3 days a week (Alternate Days).
(ii) 4 Lectures every day (Each of 55 minutes).
(iii) Part Test on every third Sunday.
(iv) Regular conduction of Doubt Classes.

14) What is the enrollment Procedure for Classroom Courses ?
(i) Collect the Admission Packet from Reception.
(ii) Students who secured more than 25% marks in ResoFAST / ResoNET can get admission.
(iii) Deposit the fees along with duly filled-in application form.