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Aristocratic Performance of Resonites in IESO 2019 stage-1 Results

Resonance PCCP students once again showed remarkable achievement in IESO stage-1 results, declared on 14th February 2019. The stage-1 examination was conducted on 19th January 2019 in the country. Out of the total 38 selected students from India, 11 are from Resonance.

IESO Stage-1, Result 2018-19

6 students ANSHUL CHOUDHARY, TEESTA SOLANKI, BHAVESH MALVIYA, UDDHAV JAIN, HIMANK BOHARA & SAKET AGRAWAL are from Udaipur study center, 3 students PRIYANSHU YADAV, ADARSH KUMAR & SRIJAN KUMAR are from Kota study center, 1 student RITIKA DHAKER is from Vadodara study center & 1 student VARNAN DEWANGAN is from Raipur Study center.

Result highlights are as follows:

  • Resonite Anshul Chaudhary is National Topper with 78 Marks.
  • 33% selection share of Resonance.
  • 2 students are under top 10 Rank (Rank 1 & 8).

The Managing Director & Founder of Resonance Mr.R.K.Verma congratulated all the selected students & informed that these selected students will join 3 weeks training camp that is conducted by Geological Society of India in Bengaluru in the month of August. After the Camp 4 students will be selected to represent India in the final stage of IESO. Since last many years Resonance Students are proving their ability on International Level in IESO.

13th IESO will be held in South Korea.

The IESO aims further to foster friendly relationships among young learners from different countries and promoting international cooperation in exchanging ideas and materials on Earth sciences.

The Geological Society of India is the body responsible for selecting the Indian Team for the International Earth Science Olympiad. So far, the Earth Science Olympiad program in the country involved four stages: (i) National level Entrance Test, (ii) Training Camp culminating in the Indian National Earth Science Olympiad, (iii) Pre-departure training camp and (iv) International Earth Science Olympiad. The Earth Science Olympiad (ESO) is conducted by the ESO Cell at the Geological Society of India constituted by the President, Geological Society of India.

The IESO is supported by the Ministry of Earth Science (MoES), Government of India as one of its outreach programme for promotion of Earth Science.

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