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Resonance : 21st Century Support and Communication Mechanism

  1. Student Relationship Manager (SRM) : It is basically a WhatsApp contact number used to connect with parents to inform them about daily updates, test syllabus information, homework information, workshop notification, competitive examination registration etc. The information is floated through WhatsApp images and text messages. SRM ensures that parents do not miss out on any of the information being shared by Resonance

  2. Student Observation Report (SOR): In case, any student, out of ignorance, indulges in any disobedient act or doesn't complete the allotted homework properly, faculty members fill SOR which is communicated to the parents for their action and discussion with the staff of Resonance.

  3. Psychological cum Academic Counseling: At times, students get stuck within their personal problems and need guidance to overcome that situation. In this scenario, we conduct one-to-one psychological-cum-academic counseling sessions for these students in which their problems are discussed and customized solutions are given to them

  4. Motivational Sessions: There is provision of motivational classes within the curriculum which is required to keep the students on track and motivate them to aspire for success. As students of this age require continuous guidance, these motivation sessions help them to set their targets and fix the execution guidelines to achieve them.

  5. Parent Teacher and Student Meeting (PTSM): There is a provision of PTSM which ensures periodic communication among the parents, teachers and students. Through this meeting, parents get feedback about the strength and weaknesses of their ward and teachers get feedback about their teaching. This mutual feedback system helps in improving the quality of academic delivery.

  6. Google Calendar: The yearly course planner is converted into Google Calendar and is available for parents to sync it with calendar in their device. Through this calendar, parents get alerts of the upcoming events like tests and activities.