Resonance PCCP student has been selected for ‘A STAR’Youth Scholarship

Resonance PCCP student Garvit Vasdani (class IX) has been selected for the “A star India Youth Scholarship” This scholarship exam gives students an opportunity to study in Singapore. Students of class nine are eligible to take the examination. The scholarship is offered by the

“Ministry of Education”to the students.

The “A STAR IndiaYouth Scholarship” is for 4 years leading to the award of the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education. Scholarship is in the form of studies from selected Singapore schools from Secondary .This exam was conducted by Ministry of Education on 27 August 2016 in Delhi. This exam is conducted into 2 levels. First level is written examination. After clearing the exam, short listed students are invited for interview round which was take place on 22 October 2016 in Delhi. The students who get selected through interview gets an opportunity to pursue further studies in Singapore .

Head of Programme Mr. Kamal Singh Chauhan told that for the preparation of these kind of exams Resonance PCCP division organizes various workshops for both resonites & non resonites students.