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National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) Info

Last Date :24-Feb-2017

National Talent Search Examinaiton (NTSE) What is NTSE ? National Talent Search Scheme is a flagship activity of the NCERT started in the year 1963. The purpose of the scheme was to identify ...Readmore

IJSO (International Junior Science Olympiad)

Last Date :22-May-2017

The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) is a competitive examination open to students of all countries in the world, primarily studying in secondary schools. All basic subjects of Science ...Readmore


Last Date :20-Jul-2007

Pre-Regional Mathematics Olympiad  (PRMO) Conducted by : Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT)       The pre-RMO exam will be organized this year by MTA ...Readmore

National Mathematics Talent Contest (NMTC)

Last Date :28-Aug-2017

National Mathematics Talent Contests (NMTC) Conducting Body :- Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI) What is NMTC ? Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI) To discover and ...Readmore


Last Date :27-Sep-2017

  State Talent Search Examination (STSE) State Talent Search Examination (STSE)- 2017 is conducted by the  Board of Secondary Education of Rajasthan (BSER). The  purpose of the exam ...Readmore

About International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO)

Last Date :02-Dec-2017

The International Earth Science Olympiad - IESO, was founded as one of the major activities of the International Geoscience Education Organization (IGEO). It is an annual competition for secondary ...Readmore